Wiz Khalifa Decides to Personally Deliver Amber Rose’s Baby

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are planning to have a home-birth for their first born child.

Wiz Khalifa’s love for marijuana  is well-documented. However, when it comes to the birth of his first child, The Pittsburgh rapper says its gonna be a completely un-medicated procedure. Wiz and Amber have revealed in a recently documented interview that their first-born child will be home-birthed, with Wiz delivering the baby himself!

Wiz Khalifa explained how it’s all going to happen. “It consists of her being in a whole lot of pain with no medicine. She’s just going to thug it out, we’re going to have a midwife and a doula at the crib,” Wiz said. “She’s going to be in a pool. It’s going to be like a relaxing environment and when she’s ready she’s going to tell me when to stick my hand down there and pull the baby out.”

Apparently, a recent viewing of a documentary called “The Business Of Being Born”, as well as the couples mutual fear of hospitals inspired the choice. “They just said how the hospitals basically intervene and don’t give you enough time to have your baby. They are just like ‘the baby’s heart rate is falling, we have to cut him out,’ and I don’t want to do that,” says Rose. “We feel like that’s where people go to die or when they are sick. I’m not sick. From the beginning of time people squatted and had their babies and that’s what I want to do. No medication.”

I wonder how much medication Wiz Khalifa will need himself for this intense procedure.


Check out this Wiz Khalifa interview below.





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