Why Do You Need Wireless Mics?

When it comes to microphones, there’s a plethora of options available. That being said, it is not possible to choose just one. When you’re a professional, the more options you have the better chances of getting an excellent and multi-faceted recording. Not every microphone – high-end or budget gives you the output you want. Ultimately, all they give you is recorded sound. In order for the recorded sound to be identical to the original, you need equipment that can eliminate unnecessary background and capture what’s absolutely essential.

If you are looking for a reliable resource on microphones, then you need to check out micsupply.com. This is a website that is run by a musician who also moonlights as a tech blogger specialising in audio equipment. This website is a valuable resource online on the newest kind of audio equipments on the market that can change the way that you record sound.

The website has categorised all the different kinds of mics and given each a detailed section which analyses the pros and cons and gives you a helpful insight.

For instance if you want to choose your best wireless microphone for life! Then you can check out their section on wireless mics and make a decision. If you have to pick one, however, pick the Shure SLX2. ‘Not only is the brand reputed for making some of the best equipment to be made, this comes highly recommended and has been used by world leaders! The mic uses a patented technology – Audio Reference Compounding Technology that also comes with a setup that can synchronise the sound and relay it automatically. If you are going to be on the road a lot, or be performing at various live venues then this is the mic for you!

However, if wireless is not your jam, and you are looking for a dynamic mic, then you must read this Shure SM7B review. This mic has a cardioids pattern and picks up the sound from the objects it is pointed to. Here are a few other features:

* You can set it up from a standard stand

* It is set up horizontally, and can be used by speaking/singing into the front windscreen

* A bass rolloff switch

* A Presence boost

* Can handle loud sounds upto 180db

* Reduces hum from TV and computer screen

The fact that it reduces noise and hum from other electronics makes this ideal for home use as well. You can safely record at home without worrying that the buzz from your CPU will get captured and mess up your vocals. Not only that, if you have a radio studio set up at home with the Shure SM7B, then you realy needn’t worry that the tiny nips and clicks will be heard, they won’t!

Now that you have chosen your microphones, it’s time for a console that it can get plugged into. And for that, you need something snazzy and that also ensures that your microphones don’t compromise on anything.

This (photo) Scarlett 2i2 should convince you to make sure that when it comes to sound equipment you have only the best looking and best sounding stuff with you.