D’Antoni: Showtime Finally Back In LA

Once again the Lakers have shaken up the NBA world.

The hiring of Mike D’Antoni is headline all over the country but the even bigger headline might have to be that the Lakers passed on the greatest coach in NBA history to hire Mike D’Antoni. D’Antoni who did great in Phoenix and average in New York will start Sunday and will get a chance to coach the most talented roster in the NBA, will he succeed? Yes , D’Antoni will bring Showtime back to L.A. and this might be the reason why the Lakers went with D’Antoni. His style is similar to the uptempo offence of Paul Westhead and Pat Reilly who were successful championship Laker coaches. The Lakers feel that with championship caliber players in an uptempo style offense will get the Lakers to the top of the west. In Phoenix D’Antoni developed Joe Johnson and turned Steve Nash into a 2 time MVP, and also took A’mare Stoudimiere to new heights in his career. Stoudimiere followed D’Antoni to New York and in the first season he had his best season in the NBA. In D’Antoni’s system he could get things out of players that other coaches could not, for instance both Leandro Barbosa and Quintin Richardson were great in D’Antoni’s system. D’Antoni will use what he has in his arsenal which will be his point guard Steve Nash, his fellow olympic medalist Kobe Bryant, and one of the greatest centers in the league Dwight Howard. Also the Lakers have a roster full of former allstars such as Antawn Jamison, Paul Gasol, and Metta World Peace, not to mention their offense will be unguardable. The only weaknesses that the Lakers face is athleticism at the point guard position which will come down to having Steve Nash at his old age not being able to keep up with the allstar point guards in the west which includes Chris Paul, Russell WestBrook, and Ty Lawson, but Nash’s wisdom will lead the Lakers into the playoffs. The question is can the Lakers stay healthy enough to finish the season with minimal amount of injuries. If the Lakers stay healthy and the team peaks under Mike D’Antoni, L.A. will be in the championship.

As far as the Lakers organization passing on Phil Jackson, who won 5 championships with the Lakers already, it would seem that they would bring him back because of his championship pedigree. Phil Jackson did help extend the Laker Dynasty but with the new Lakers roster the pressure might weigh to0 heavy on Phil Jackson beause of his age. Also by Phil Jackson being the best NBA coach ever, he would actually cost alot more than D’Antoni for the Lakers to keep.The Lakers are going to get either the same quality coaching job as Jackson or maybe an even better one. The critics say D’Antoni’s all offense but on his roster he has a 3 time defensive player named Dwight Howard with other mentionable names such as Metta World Peace and Kobe Bryant, so I think during playoff time the Lakers should be fine. In Conclusion the same question still arises which is “Can the Laker’s roster stay healthy and recieve minimal injuries during the season?”.




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