Meek Mill “The Real Me” Mixtape Download & Stream

Meek Mill releases his 1st Official Mixtape, The Real Me, Presented by Headshot Records. The 22-track tape Features some Classic songs from Meek Mill when he was the ace of Bloodhoundz and includes tracks such as “Niggas Know”, “4 My Real Niggas”, “Ride Out”, “Hustla Musik”, Problems” and “The Real Me”.

Meek Mill1 Meek Mill The Real Me Mixtape Download & Stream

Currently, Meek Mill is on the verge of becoming the most-dominant rapper in the game. Those who did not follow his consistent growth, Meek Mill is simply an overnight sensation. However, Meek Mill worked hard, releasing several group mixtapes starting in 2005. In 2008, Meek Mill went solo, releasing The Real Me through Headshot Records.


Meek Mill young Meek Mill The Real Me Mixtape Download & Stream

Coming up Meek Mill, aka Mr Philadelphia wasn’t the typical aspiring rapper shopping for a record deal or hatin’ on other MC’s. Instead he was busy pushing out mixtapes and posting videos on YouTube. From a marketing perspective, Meek Mill definitely made the right moves to getting noticed because mixtapes are one of the best marketing strategies in the game. Whether it was consciously or subconsciously, he built his fan base by being consistent. With a strong following already under his belt, Meek Mill made a distinctive move that was the turning point in his career.


Meek Mill3 Meek Mill The Real Me Mixtape Download & Stream

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill, born Robert Williams, began releasing mixtapes in 2006, debuting with The Real Me. Within a few years, after the release of Flamers 2, his output prompted offers from Warner Bros. and T.I.’s Atlantic-affiliated Grand Hustle. The MC opted to align with the latter label, but he never signed and spent some time in jail. Once free, he continued pushing mixtapes, including a fourth volume of the Flamers Series, and was included in XXL magazine’s Freshman Class feature for 2011. Through TwitterMeek Mill caught the attention of Rick Ross, signed to the MC’s Maybach Music Group, and appeared on the label’s Self Made, Vol. 1 compilation prior to releasing his first proper studio album, Dreams and Nightmares, in 2012.


Meek Mill Dreams and Nightmares2 Meek Mill The Real Me Mixtape Download & Stream

After releasing several mixtapes early in his career, Meek Mill released his debut album Dreams and Nightmares in 2012, under Maybach Music Group and Warner Bros.. The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, preceded by the singles “Amen“, “Burn” and “Young & Gettin’ It“.


Meek Mill Bloodhoundz Meek Mill The Real Me Mixtape Download & Stream

Meek Mill, along with three of his friends, formed a rap group and called themselves The Bloodhoundz. The group lasted long enough to release four mixtapes. Meek Mill sharpened his rhyming skills alongside his rap group, Bloodhoundz, but quickly realized that belittling opponents generates YouTube clicks, but not airplay. The then-cornrowed wordsmith instead focused on hooks that could capture both the party scene and the streets. “Artists here have been groomed to be more aggressive. Nobody really has style,” said Mill’s longtime engineer Melvin “Rug” Carter, who’s worked with everyone from Eve to State Property. “As I watched him develop, I gave Meek the advice of slowing down and giving more conversation.”


Meek Mill coat Meek Mill The Real Me Mixtape Download & Stream

The Real Me is a must listen for any Meek Mill or Philly hip hop fan. The mixtape is a classic masterpiece that makes the first mixtape of The Real Me Series and is presented by Headshot Records. There are 22 tracks total on this tape and every one of them are a Headshot Records certified track. The overall content of The Real Me is fire and Meek Mill still delivers his fire punchlines and metaphors that quite literally rapes these beats. Follow on Twitter @MeekMill @YOUNGBOB_HSR @MedievalBeatz Buy Hip Hop Instrumentals


Meek Mill House Party Meek Mill The Real Me Mixtape Download & Stream

Download the Meek Mill “The Real Me” Mixtape over at and stream it below.


19844 Meek Mill The Real Me Mixtape Download & Stream




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