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During the late 70’s many groups started to rise and try to emulate the Jackson 5. One day late in 1978 three Boston boys started an R&B group called “New Edition“. The original members were Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins, and Ricky Bell. Very soon Ralph Tresvant , and Ronnie DeVoe  joined the R&B group. Over time the group gained success and voted the leader singer Bobby Brown out of the group because of his personal issues in 1985. Replacing Brown was the talented Johnny Gill.

The five boys hit the charts early with classics like “Candy Girl”, and “Mr. Telephone Man”. As the group grew so did their songs and audience around the globe. They went from young teen sensations to overnight sex symbols, not only did they have alot of fans but they had a lot of talent as well. Every show and every video was very well choreographed, and the harmony/sound is uncomparable. Once they started writing and producing their own music it showed what great minds and true talent can produce overtime. This is a rare feat, even though the six gentleman have had their ups and downs they still remain together and represent the group well.

The Jackson 5 had Michael Jackson but even though he was the greatest entertainer of all time the world class talent that he had was not spread all the way throughout the group like it was in New Edition. From New Edition you have 3 platinum solo artists Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, and Johnny Gill. Also you have Bell Biv DeVoe coming out of New Edition and going platinum. Gill, Tresvant, and Brown later started a group called “Heads of State“, which would make New Edition the ultimate super group in the R&B/HipHop world. They went from singing popular music to helping usher in the Hip Hop Era, all the while setting a higher standard for male R&B groups.

Many people have forgotten about how great New Edition is and their contributions to the past 25 years of music. Bobby Brown was one of the lead singers up until 1985 when he started his solo career with hits like “Don’t Be Cruel” and “My Perogative”, he also has a popular southern dance called the “Bobby B”. In the late 80’s, Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown were the celebs that everyone wanted to be like. Through New Edition Bobby Brown and his friends became actors and icons in the R&B world. They had an episode on the hit show “Night Rider” and starred in the first Hip Hop classic “Krush Groove” in the mid 80’s. From this success Brown himself started a small movie career and had roles in movies such as “Panther” “Ghost Buster 2″ and “Thin Line Between Love & Hate”.

Everyone has their favorite New Edition member just like you would have a favorite player on a football team right? Each member in New Edition is rare and brings something different to the table.They made singing “cool” again in their era, with their “new jack” sound and their occasional rap verses. Ralph with his smooth “one of a kind” voice while Johnny Gill and Michael Bivins automatically brought every track to life, Ricky, Ronnie, and Bobby are a three hit combo that can’t miss. New Edition’s talent and abilities has helped them stand out over time and inspire many groups to be like them, such as Boys 2 Men, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, N’ Sync and the list goes on and on. They are basically the “second wave” of The Temptations, they helped spark the Hip Hop era and brought back the boy band phenomenom.

To conclude, if it was not for New Edition the whole R&B scene today would not be as musically prevelant or mean as much to poplar culture. They truly are living legends in the game. Feel free to “Like” this post or comment below.

“If It isnt Love”  1988


“Hit Me Off” 1996


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