Chance The Rapper “Back To School Pack” Mixtape Download & Stream

Chance The Rapper releases Back To School Pack, an early EP dropped approximately in 2010 Presented by Instrumentality. The 5-track tape has Features from Nico Segal, Joey Davis, Zekur & Akenya. Back To School Pack gives listeners a welcoming glimpse into the beginnings of one of the game’s most promising young artists.

Chance The Rapper chicago

For most fans, the story of Chance the Rapper begins with his 10-day suspension during his senior year of high school when he began working on #10Day, a project that slowly became a real thing over the course of the following year. To some, it began in 2013, with the success of Acid Rap. But Chance, naturally, already had been working on music for several years, building up his lyrical skills at open mic nights and collaborating with his friend Justin (who, as the real heads know, gets shouted out on Acid Rap) in a hip-hop fusion project called Instrumentality.


Chance The Rapper

Back then, Chance The Rapper was known as Chano (a name collaborators from this period, like Donnie Trumpet mastermind Nico Segal, still occasionally call him), and music was, obviously, still a budding interest that pretty much only his peers were aware of. Now that he’s famous and making songs with Justin Bieber and stuff, though, there’s naturally a little more curiosity emerging surrounding Chance‘s musical origins. Reddit user lavmar posted links to a stash of early Chance/Chano/Instrumentality material from an old Facebook page, and now they’re making the rounds.


Chance The Rapper live

Back to School Pack finds Chance The Rapper beginning to stake out some of his signature stylistic tics, such as his tendency to drift into a melodic, half-sung cadence. The themes, influences and thoughts that came together so smoothly on Acid Rap and #10Day are all there in rough but surprisingly polished pieces. There’s an early version of #10Day‘s “Nostalgia” and a hint of Acid Rap cut “Paranoia“‘s reflective portrait of violence on “Dear Chicago Summer.” Chance calls himself “Hercules/mixed with a bit Freddy Mercury/Mixed with a little Kanye and little MJ.” So yeah, the pieces are all there, and the music is already pretty cohesive and fully realized, especially on songs like “Kick Back.” The lyrics are deeply revealing, though, offering a portrait of Chance as a slightly less self-assured guy than the confident, affable everyman figure he strikes these days.


Chance rapper

Before Acid Rap, the only other mixtape we had heard from Chance The Rapper was titled 10 Day, which was released in 2012. Luckily enough, the internet has uncovered (specifically a user of the Reddit hiphopheads forum) more material from the young Chicago rapper. Back To School Pack seems to have been recorded sometime in 2010 and showcases Chance finding himself as an artist. While Chance’s animated delivery is not yet obvious in this mixtape, his lyrics are just as thought provoking and his raw melodic talent is on display.


Chance The Rapper concert

If you think Chance The Rapper sounds different on this, it’s probably due to the fact that he was 16 when he made the majority of these songs. Back To School Pack is a worthy addition to a catalogue that has seen much growth since Chance The Rapper stepped foot in the rap game. Follow on Twitter @chancetherapper @MedievalBeatz Free Beats


Chance The Rapper Back To School Pack Tracklist

Download the Chance The Rapper “Back To School Pack” Mixtape over at and stream it below.



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