Here is why DSLR Cameras still rule the roost

Preserving memories:

Photography is not just clicking pictures and then storing them in albums. It is not even framing pictures to be put up on the walls of one’s abode for decorating the place. Photography is all that and much more. Photography is art to click scenes that tug at the heart of the photographer; it is also a passion to collect as many memorabilia of the time before the moment passes off forever. Still photography does not just freeze the scenery but in reality it preserves the memory of a thing, a place or a person even long after that person is gone forever.

What are DSLR Cameras?

The abbreviation stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. In the most simplest of terms, it is one of the electronic equipments that makes use of mirrors and lately prisms which help in directly natural light from the single lens in the equipment right through the view finder which is the place from where we place our eyes to focus on the scene.

A lot of people ask what is the best dslr camera. The answer to this is most simple. The more hi tech the camera is, the faster the rate of processing of pictures takes place. That is precisely the reason why equipments are graded based on their application. The equipment that is made for the amateurs and the hobbyists are starkly different in terms of speed and efficiency from the ones that are specially ear marked for the professional use.

Which is the best Canon DSLR?

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is undoubtedly the top of the stack when it comes to choosing the best ever DSLR camera. It boasts of 22 megapixels and the quality of the stills and the video is mind blowing. Another brownie point is secured by this model because it has a full frame.

The model is a super duper hit and is supposed to be the most suited for the professional photographers. The drawbacks is that there is no flash in the camera

The after sales service of canon is praiseworthy and if there is any problem with the maneuverability etc, the service will take care of it.

Is Canon EOS 5D better than pentax?

Both these models but from different manufacturers are from the semi professional category and both of them co incidentally have full frames. Nikon’s camera has a slightly better edge because of it having 36 megapixels while canon’s has only 22 megapixels. While both have near similar specification, it is difficult to say that one id better than the other. Both are great value for money and have the ability to deliver the best in their category. We recommend both the equipments because each is to their own.

Here is an honest D3300 review:

Nikon’s D3300 initially failed to impress its and because there was very little addition from its previous model. The speed of processing is virtually the same and that was a bit disappointing for its fans.

But the model brought it with some desired changes and improvements from its previous one and the chief among them was the removal of the anti aliasing filter which reduces the moiré patterns on the image and consequently also increases the sharpness of the picture.

With this model came the brand’s fastest and the most impressive Expeed – 4 image processing engine which is still ruling the roost as the best in the industry.