Birding and Marine Binoculars

In the current stressful world people need some relaxation. When someone feels down they need some energy boosters to hang on to and be in a different world altogether and then come back to reality more relaxed and ready to take on the world again. One way to be lost in a whole different world is to have a hobby, it could be a favourite past time. Some may say watching TV is a hobby, but if that is a hobby it is only sad.

A hobby is something that one has to be passionate about and male themselves lost in that world for a few moments or few hours altogether. Playing a sport could be a hobby, some people like watching the stars or birds. Some people like travelling, some people like to go on a boat or take a cruise while some make take to watching sports. In many of these hobbies there is one thing that is common and certainly does enhance the experience especially if one is not directly involved but watches from the side-lines. It is a binocular.

Binoculars come very handy when it comes to looking at the sky during night for star gazing or during the day watching birds or while taking a view of the city from atop a tall building. It is helpful while hunting or sailing. Thus binoculars come very handy for many hobbies.

One important thing that has to be considered is that not all binoculars are same and not all serve the same purpose. ① birding is easier with the right binoculars but if you use a marine binocular for birding then it may not serve the right purpose. Birds fly very fast whereas watching the boats may not need such speed but the field of view is important. Hence it is important that one does a comparison of all binoculars ←←←← before deciding which one suits their purpose.

Birding binoculars need to have good magnification and it is better if they are light weight since one may go hiking or trekking to watch birds. It is also good to have coatings to remove glare and improve contrast, the ones with good sharp image are the ones to buy for your bird watching needs.

Marine binoculars have a whole set of different needs like ability to withstand water and fog and tough weather conditions. Increased magnification leads to a shaky picture and hence one has to make a compromise here. Hence binoculars that can withstand any weather condition with less shaky image and have a good field of view are the best binoculars for sailing!

Every feature comes with its own cost, the better a feature the more is the cost. However one can easily find the best binoculars under $500. If one is going to use it

for a hobby with a bit of seriousness there are many binoculars available. However for professional reasons there may be a need for better features which may increase the cost. However one can compare different binoculars and read online reviews before making a decision.